2024 Pitching Clinic Registration Info

 Hello Everyone,

Freedom Softball is once again offering FREE pitching clinic sessions on Fridays and Sundays throughout the 2024 season.  The sessions are 60 minutes and limited to 6 or 8 spots for each session depending on the location.  Dates and times are first come, first serve.  Please only reserve sessions that you plan to attend.  The sessions are great for beginners and experienced pitchers.  Please take advantage of this resource, we need pitchers!

Sessions are open to players in the Grade 3-5, Grade 6-9 & Grade 10-12 Divisions.  
An adult catcher must be provided by the parent for the session.  Minors are not permitted to catch unless you receive advanced permission from the league.

Session Information:
For session availability please visit this link.  Weekly sessions are recommended, more practice equals better pitchers.

To reserve a session, please email John (fdosoftball.john@gmail.com) with the date and time you prefer.  I will respond with a confirmation or offer an alternative spot.

Freedom Softball