Game Cancellation Policy

All weather related cancellations will be made by a league board member on the day of the game. You may call the information hotline at 410-795-2782 or check out our website for updated game cancellation information. This information will be updated no later than 5:00 PM on weekdays and 1 hour before gametime on Saturdays. Sometimes games will have to be canceled at the field due to changing weather and field conditions. The division coordinator, the umpire and/or the team managers and coaches(Grade 1-2 division only) will be responsible for deciding if the game will continue or be canceled. If field conditions are such that they are considered unplayable for games practices can not be held on the fields at that time. All Play (game or practice) must be suspended at the first sight of lightening or the first loud thunder indicating lighting is nearby. Teams should remain in their cars at the fields for 30 minutes until it is determined if play can continue.

Games played at Freedom Park should follow the instructions provided by the Sykesville Community Baseball official at the trailer near field 1. An air horn is used to signify that play should be suspended. A Sykesville Community Baseball official will determine when play can be resumed or the games should be cancelled.


The use of double wall, triple wall, composite, titanium, or any mix there in of bats is prohibited for Freedom Optimist League play.

Umpire Masks & Chest Protectors

Masks are available in the field boxes for all adult umpires.

Helmets(Youth Programs)

A protective helmet with a chin strap  must be properly worn at all times by players while batting and running the bases. A player intentionally removing the helmet during a live ball situation will be declared out. Repeated offenses will result in ejection of the player and team manager from the game.The catcher must wear a helmet, face mask, shin guards(Grade 3-12) and chest protector when a player is batting.  All infielders and pitchers are required to wear a protective face mask while in the field.